Welcome to the website of the Urban Environments Research Network. I hope that you find something of interest here and that you return to visit again.

The network brings together a range of academics, artists and architects working on, in and around public space. Its aim to to create a space for conversation around cities, territories, cultural practices, social identities, laws and aesthetics.

You can find information about each member in the ‘Network’ section of the site, including selected publications and their research interests.

The site is organised around six thematic research areas:

Urban Cultures
Place and Hybridity
Territory and Transition
Art and the City
Crime, Place and Social Change
Surveillance, Security and Governance

Within the network’s six thematic areas, you’ll find examples of members’ research highlighted, with details of publications resulting from their work. Here, you can find information about members’ involvement in a range of research projects, artistic enterprises, policy initiatives, and architectural innovations, in cities such as Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Brighton, Trento, Vancouver, Tokyo, Shanghai and Copenhagen.

The site will also post information about upcoming events such as conferences, book launches, symposia, public debates and other events. It will also feature regular short contributions from members – previews of forthcoming research or publications, or short essays on current events. Check back regularly to find out what’s happening!

Alison Young
University of Melbourne