Art/Law Network

Lucy Finchett-Maddock has created a network of researchers interested in the intersections of issues to do with art and law. This project looks at what is legally beautiful or otherwise. It was inspired by Lucy’s recent clinical legal project on street art and graffiti, which involved working with students and a local art gallery on the street art and graffiti scene in Brighton.

The questions that came up around criminality and ownership, both real property and the intellectual property of the street artists and graffiti writers, have inspired new questions for her research around the relation of law and beauty, utility, property, commodity and resistance.

The Art/Law Network will act as a portal for artists and legal practitioners to come together, with a specific interest in the use of art as a tool of protest, and for rehabilitation and change.

StreetLawBrighton is available here.

project publications

(2016) Protest, Property and the Commons.


Lucy Finchett-Maddock