The Urban Laboratory

The Urban Laboratory is a socially engaged practice-led research project creating new dialogic opportunities through live test sites of artistic practice in urban environments. The test sites engage professional artists collaboratively in the social and built environment to develop responsive works. These projects form the basis of a praxiological research method reflecting on creative works and exploring existing assumptions about the urban context derived from objective experience. Co-curators Fiona Hillary and Benjamin Cittadini engage with local artists and local members of the community. The Urban Laboratory has been commissioned by the City of Melbourne and the City of Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia.

Urban Laboratory Port Phillip Tumblr

project publications

Hillary, F and Sumartojo, S (2014) ‘Empty-Nursery Blue: On Atmosphere, Meaning and Methodology in Melbourne Street Art’ Public Art Dialogue.

Hillary, F and Hogg, G (2016) ‘Interrogating Space: the Urban Laboratory’ in Greirson, E (ed) Transformations: Art and the City.


Fiona Hillary + Geoff Hogg + Shanti Sumartojo