Locating the Mobile

This Australian Research Council Linkage project, on ‘Locating the Mobile: Intergenerational Locative Media Practices in Tokyo, Melbourne and Shanghai’, examines how mobile devices play an increasingly important role in the economic, cultural and social lives of Australians, as they do the lives of what are now billions of users worldwide. The locative capacities of these devices are now widely exploited in applications (i.e. Facebook Places) that can provide users information about their surrounds and provide others information about where the user is located. These practices have implications for privacy and surveillance across public and private, local and regional contexts. ‘Locating the Mobile’ provides the first cross-cultural and intergenerational study of this phenomenon in three key sites (Tokyo, Shanghai and Melbourne).

Researchers: Larissa Hjorth and Sarah Pink (DERC at RMIT), with Heather Horst (RMIT), Genevieve Bell (Intel), Baohua Zhao (Fudan University) and Fumitoshi Kato (Keio University).

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Larissa Hjorth + Sarah Pink