Forensic Precincts

Peter Rush’s research on the development of the ‘forensic precinct’ is intended as a contribution to the renewal of a jurisprudence of place in Australian society. It studies the emergence and formation of legal precincts in Australia. Since the 1980s in Canberra and the 1990s in Melbourne. the placement and architecture of law courts and their allied professional associations has provided a force of community, a modality of entrances and exits, a complicity of bindings and interiorities. Law is not only quartered, it becomes a precinct – a signifier of professional belonging, an administrative centre and matter of governmental ordering, as well as a tourist destination. Through documentary records, interviews and audio-visual jurisographies of legal precincts, the project writes the life of law as it takes place in place.

project publications

(forthcoming, 2016) ‘The forensic precinct: notes on the public address of law’ in Law, Text, Culture.

Thick Skin film.


Peter Rush