‘Emotion and the Contemporary Museum’: Audience Experiences of the WWI – Love and Sorrow Exhibition

Contemporary museums attempt to design exhibitions that provoke an emotional response in visitors. This is often done with the intention of promoting social change through the fostering of empathy with people whose histories can be difficult to understand. Emotions, however, are harder to evaluate than knowledge or attitudes. This project will employ an innovative method of evaluating the WWI – Love and Sorrow exhibition at Museum Victoria. Based on the techniques of drawing and walking interview, the project will provide valuable insights into the role of emotions in the museum experience and further theorise emotion as a vehicle for social change

Funded by:

2017 McCoy Seed Fund Grant

Research Team:

Candice Boyd & Rachel Hughes (Melbourne); Deborah Tout-Smith & Linda Sproul (Museum Victoria); Meighen Katz & Elizabeth Straughan (Melbourne), Sarah Bennett (Exeter), Thomas Bristow (Melbourne).


Candice Boyd