Paul Carter

Paul Carter is an internationally acclaimed academic and artist and has an outstanding track record as an industry collaborator, creative researcher, design mentor and public lecturer. He is Professor of Design/Urbanism at the School of Architecture and Design.

Paul has theorised creative research practice and mentors in this area. His research interests include: the poetics of place-making, public space design and the application of creative research to community renewal, strategic planning and policy formation. In 2004 he published Material Thinking which became a seminal book on the theory and practice of creative research. In 2008 he followed this up with Dark Writing: performance, geography, design which extends creative research theory and practice into the domain of planning.

related publications

Sea level: Towards a poetic geography in From International Relations to Relations International: Postcolonial Essays (2016).

Turbulence: Climate change and the design of complexity (2015).

‘Lips in language and space: Imaginary places in James Dawson’s Australian Aborigines (1881)’ in Bill Richardson (ed.) Spatiality and Symbolic Expression (2015).