Nicholas Blomley

Nicholas Blomley is Professor of Geography at Simon Fraser University in Canada. He has an interest in the geographical dimensions of law, with particular reference to property. His research has explored issues such as gentrification, urban gardening, the regulation of street people, and colonialism.

He is currently engaged in a number of projects: a) the use of ‘area restrictions’ attached to conditions of release associated with bail and parole in Canadian cities; and b) an excavation of the liquidation of Japanese-Canadian property by the state in the 1940s.

related publications

The Expanding Spaces of Law: A Timely Legal Geography (with I. Braverman, D. Delaney and S. Kedar, 2013).

Rights of Passage: Sidewalks and the Regulation of Public Flow (2011).

Unsettling the city: urban land and the politics of property (2004).