Jonathan Ilan


Jonathan Ilan is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at City, University of London. His research seeks to better understand how notions of the legitimate and illegitimate are mediated through cultures of inclusion and exclusion. He has published on issues including street culture; street crime; youth justice and policing; youth culture; ‘urban’ music and cultural criminology. The contemporary city of shifting and blending, real and virtual spaces provides the setting and inspiration for much of his work: empirical and theoretical. He is currently working on projects exploring the political significance and criminalisation of various street and subcultural practices.

related publications

Understanding Street Culture: Poverty, Crime, Youth and Cool (2015)

‘Street social capital in the liquid city’, Ethnography 14(1) (2013)

‘“The industry’s the new road”: Crime, commodification and street cultural tropes in UK urban music’ Crime, Media, Culture 8(1) (2012)