Candice Boyd

Candice P. Boyd is an artist-geographer and Honorary Senior Fellow at the School of Geography, University of Melbourne.

Based on a background in clinical psychology, Candice is interested in therapeutic spaces and how they are spontaneously created through ethico-aesthetic activity.  Within the urban context, she has studied the practices of meditative painting, dance movement therapy, subterranean graffiti, poetic permaculture, fibre art, and improvised music performances through the lens of non-representational theory.  In her own practice, she attempts to translate ‘felt’ knowledges into visual, auditory, and haptic forms with a particular focus on soundscape.  She also participates in the General Assembly of Interested Parties – a Melbourne-based, improvisational performance group.

Prior to completing a second PhD in cultural geography and the creative arts in 2015, Candice was heavily involved in the professional training of psychologists in rural areas and maintains a keen interest in rural adolescent mental health.

related publications

Non-Representational Geographies of Therapeutic Art Making:  Thinking Through Practice (2016).  Palgrave Pivot (Springer).

Sonic Installation – ‘A Sonic Geography of Subterranean Graffiti Practice’:  Tilde New Music and Sound Art Festival (2016).  Testing Grounds, Melbourne.

‘Sonic Geographies of Shifting Bodies’ with Michelle Duffy, (2012).  Interference:  A Journal of Audio Cultures.  Special Issue:  A Sonic Geography – Rethinking Auditory Spatial Practices.