Cameron McAuliffe

Cameron McAuliffe is a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography and Urban Studies at Western Sydney University. His research engages with the regulation of difference and disorder and the way cities govern ‘marginal’ bodies. This includes a central focus on graffiti management and the role of informal urban arts practices in the creative economy.

His recently completed research with the City of Sydney on graffiti and street art considered the different ways arts practices are valued in local urban contexts. He holds a Bachelor’s degrees in Arts (Human Geography) and Engineering (Chemical) as well as a PhD in Human Geography from the University of Sydney.

related publications

‘Young People and the Spatial Politics of Graffiti Writing’ in N. Worth, C. Dwyer & T. Skelton (eds) Identities and Subjectivities (2016).

‘Legal Walls and Professional Paths: The mobilities of graffiti writers in Sydney’ Urban Studies 50:3 (2013).

‘Graffiti or Street Art? Negotiating the Moral Geographies of the Creative City’ Journal of Urban Affairs 34:2 (2012).